“Restoration of Wholeness” Counseling School

In today’s community sin strikes people affecting their sexuality: teens, adults, even children and older people face problems in this area. Churches desperately need quality counseling help, and also efficient ministers obtaining necessary knowledge and skills in the area of counseling and sexuality matters.

What does the Bible say on sexuality?
How to achieve emotional wholeness?
How to help the victims of sexual abuse?

In order for volunteers who are willing to serve people to get answers for these questions, pro-family Circle of Responsibility movement (Association “Emmanuel”) has launched “Restoration of Wholeness” Counseling School in October 2015.
“The central principles of the syllabus are based on the following: sex is a gift of God according to the original design created only for marital union of man and woman, – as Steve Weber, the head of a school board for “Restoration of Wholeness” Counseling School and President of “Emmanuel” Assocition, states. – Any attempts to satisfy sexual desire out of the marriage bonderies are sinful. Sexual problems and sexual bondage have to do with distortion of personality wholeness, therefore to resolve these kinds of problems is about restoration of the personality wholeness. That’s why our counseling school is being launched.”


September 8-10, 2016 
Topic: Truth about sex 
Educators: Leo Frank, Yury and Tatiyana Sokolovskiy, Anton Kolganov

Leo Frank is a deacon of the «Freie Evangeliums Christen Gemeinde Venne» Church in Germany, preacher with many years of experience in teaching on family subject among Slavic people in Germany, Ukraine, Moldova, Spain, and USA. September 9-10 he will be sharing on “Anatomy and physiology of sex. Age and corresponding changes”, “Acts forbidden by God”, “Sex before marriage”, “Problems in intimate life”, “Sex and communication.”

Anton Kolganov (consulting coach of the Circle of Responsibility Movement (the “Emmanuel” Association), dean of the Wholeness Restoration Counseling School) will continue his seminar on “Depression and control”, “Feeling of wrath.”

Tatiyana and Yury Sokolovskiy are the consultants on family matters of “Youth with a mission” International Fund, directors of “Family Club” online-course and will share on “Preparation for intimate life in marriage.”


June 9-11, 2016  
Topic: Emotional Wholeness: how to get destructive feelings under control?  
Educators: Anton Kolganov, Galina Mukhamatgaleieva and Aleksey Travnikov

Aleksey Travnikov is a leader of family mission “Ukraine for Christ” and will have hour and a half insight into the topic “Premarital relationships.” He will share on what kind of difficulties will be faced by Christian families and family ministers, and on how to find a way out of difficult situations in family not breaking emotional wholeness.

Galina Mukhamatgaleieva is a deaconess of the Good News Church in Slaviansk and experienced teacher and will teach on topics of “Acceptance and Belonging” and “Forgiveness.”

The main speaker of the 6th Module is Anton Kolganov, consulting coach of the Circle of Responsibility Movement (the Emmanuel Association), dean of the Wholeness Restoration Counseling School.

“At seminars we will be talking about fear, shame, guilt, wrath and rejection, – Anton Kolganov shares. – Emotions are given to us but we have to rule over them. How to achieve it? Come and you’ll find out during Module 6 of “Restoration of Wholeness” Counseling School.”

Registration of non-degree students is according to the link.


April 14-16, 2016  
Topic: Pregnancy. Dysfunctions in families. Infidelity in marital life


April 14. “Pregnancy and abortion” by Olga and Vasiliy Zinyak, founders of All-Ukrainian help line for pregnant in crisis situation and coordinators of web-site zaletela.in.ua (Kiev).

April 15. “Dysfunctional family. Codependency.” Sharon Yu is an experienced counseling psychologist, missionary of “Youth with a mission” International Fund. Sharon has taught and counseled in Swizerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Ukraine, Chili, Macedonia and other countries. Sharon is an employee of the Christian counseling College at Nations University of YWM (South Korea).

April 16. “Restoration of marriage after infidelity” by Dave Carder, clinical psychologist, member of California Association of clinical psychologists, an expert in the field of family therapy (USA). Dave is and author of several books on psychology amongst which are his bestsellers: “Torn Asunder; Helping Couples Recover from Affairs” and “Secrets of Your Family Tree”.


Students’ feedback from Module 5:

“It’s so encouraging that God works with hearts via “Restoration of Wholeness” Counseling School.”

“Everything I’ve heard is valuable and useful. Topics like that are not talked about in churches.”

“Every day there was a minimum of one point that will change my life. These are the revelations that I will meditate on for days and will gladly share it with others.”

“It was encouraging that I’ve realized my pitiful condition, and there is a great desire with God’s assistance to get changed and to restore relationships.”


March 17-19, 2016
Topic: God’s design for a family

January 14-16, 2016
Topic: Addictions. Healing. Support groups

Виктор Шевчук (академический декан семинарии «Благодать и истина», один из пасторов церкви «Христианская надежда», кандидат технических наук, магистр богословия)
Юрий и Татьяна Соколовские (консультанты по семейным вопросам международного фонда «Молодежь с миссией», ведущие онлайн-ресурса «Семейный клуб»)
Александр Марченко (магистр богословия, проповедник, священнослужитель церкви “Новая жизнь”, президент МОО “Международный центр отцовства”)
Светлана Гончарова (мотивационный спикер, автор проекта “Флаймама”, помогающего мамам упорядочить жизнь с ребенком на руках, автор трех книг).

Director of ‘Teen Challenge Ukraine’

“We are working with people whose problems control their lives. In general these are people with alcoholic and drug addictions, – Sergey Glushko, President of the International organization “Teen Challenge”, says. – But lately we more often run over people that have problems in sexual area. We would like to develop ourselves more in this direction in order to help addicted people. I believe that in cooperation with Circle of Responsibility Movement we will be able to do more.”


A Christian who lives and serves in Kazakhstan

I have been a believer in Jesus Christ for over 2 years. Past spring I found emmanuil.tv web-site. I was interested to watch different videos and testimonies. Especially I liked video on sexual restoration recorded while Wholeness Restoration team was here. After listening to the seminar, I found out that they are going back to Ukraine in summer to hold seminar for leaders. This topic is relevant for me as I have a desire to serve people in this direction.
Therefore I was determent to come for the seminar. This was my first trip to Ukraine and to Emmanuel Association. God has blessed abundantly all presented at the seminar of Winn Tompson and Brett Martin. It touched my heart in a personal way. I am grateful to God for this opportunity.

Я решился поехать на этот семинар. Это был мой первый приезд в Украину и в Ассоциацию “Еммануил”. Бог обильно благословил всех присутствующих на семинаре Уинна Томпсона и Бретта Мартина, коснулся лично моего сердца. Вообще благодарен Богу за эту возможность.

24 years old, a Christian

“I am 24, I have been a member of the church for 6 years, – Alex is sharing his thoughts on necessity to seek the ways out of the sexual problems. – I came to church being a porn-addict. My whole life I’ve lived through ups and downs in a constant conflict with my conscience and under oppression of being in conflict with God because of my vice. Each time trying to get over it I experienced His forgiveness, I had received it restoring my prayer life but in a short period of time I went back to the old ways. I was tempted again and just typed known names in a search line… After self-satisfaction I felt like having a whole in my heart, hating myself and realizing that I needed to repent but I felt shame before God. I had thoughts that I needed to confess to somebody.

Because of shame I didn’t want to ask ministers for help because they knew me to be a normal Christian. Lately I’ve met a counselor and found out that he’s been counseling people with the same problems like mine. I asked for a counseling session. At that point, while we had communication I clearly realized that I needed to share everything with him, confess it all. Through all these years I’ve collected a lot of junk. At that point the most difficult thing was to overcome shame but I did it. He listened to me, explained a lot of things, and we prayed several times together. After a prayer I was afraid that after coming back home I would return to the old ways. But praise God, now everything is fine and I’ve started to live again without shame as it is much easier to walk before God with clean conscience. Even being tempted it’s much easier to overcome. Before the counseling session I would have walked depressed but this state of mine is gone. I am thankful to God for giving me freedom and sending a person that helped me to deal with it.”

The purpose of the “Restoration of Wholeness” Counseling School is to equip with knowledge and instruments those who are called to serve people in the area of sexuality.

  • During study problems in sexual area and family are being revealed, and also ways to restore personality wholeness are being reviewed. The learning program is being held in lectures, discussions, debate in groups and webinars.
    Length of study: 2 years – 12 sessions for three days each.
    In case of successful attestation in all 12 specialization modules certificate of completion is handed.

You may join the study process in School at any module.

Занятия в Школе консультирования

Time of sessions in module: 3 days (Thursday – Saturday), 9 am – 5 pm
Location of school:  Ukraine, Kiev, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str. 131A, conference hall of Emmanuel Association.
Language of study: Russian, Ukrainian
Offering: 300 uah. For one module (to cover administration expanses and coffee-breaks).

Requirements to entrant:

  • Written recommendation of pastor for the counseling ministry in area of family and sexuality;
  • Membership in evangelical church for no less than 2 years;
  • Being married is preferable;
  • To fill out an application form and send photo-copies of passport, diploma, credits in different study programs.

You may download here the list of documents to enroll the Counseling School. Print out documents, fill it out, scan, and send to our email: School@territoriao.info

Registration for module and study matters.


Student Dean


tel: +38(067) 600.26.26
е-mail: School@territoriao.info

1. Adrian Bukovisnkiy, Philosophy Doctor. A pundit in the area of family policy and family relationships, President of “Family” All-Ukrainian Charity Fund (Kiev, Ukraine).
2. Aleksandr Marchenko, Master of Theology, a preacher, minister of the “New Life” Church, President of International Public Organization “International Fatherhood Center” (Kiev, Ukraine).
3. Andrey Dolganov, coordinator of PoiskBoga.com web-site, TV-expert, coach-supervisor of “Emmanuel” Association (Kiev, Ukraine).
4. Anton Kolganov, coach-consultant of the pro-family “Circle of Responsibility”  Movement (“Emmanuel” Association), deacon of the “Tabernacle” Church (Kiev, Ukraine).
5. Brett Martin, professor of Arizona University, employee of the “Wholeness Restoration” ministry (USA).
6. Valentin Shamara, Bible consultant-advisor, Bachelor of Pastoral Leadership of Kiev Biblical Seminary, Master of Biblical counseling of Kiev Biblical Seminary.
7. Valeriy Reshetinskiy, senior Pastor of the church, Bishop of “Ukrainian Missionary Church” Union, Doctor of Science (Kiev, Ukraine).
8. Viktor Kurilenko, preacher in the “Lord’s Transfiguration” Church, Bible teacher and TV-preacher, manager of demonic influence deliverance ministry (Slaviansk, Ukraine).
9. Viktor Shevchuk, academic dean of the “Grace and Truth” seminary, part of the pastor’s team in “Christian Hope” Church, Doctor of Science, Master of Theology (Kiev, Ukraine).
10. Vitaliy Orlov, family consultant, creator of “I’M FAMILY” company (Kiev, Ukraine).
11. Gennadiy and Meenah Podgayskiy, Master of Theology and A.B.D. intercultural education, family consultants-missionaries (Kiev, Ukraine).
12. Jim Anderson, Pastor, preacher, active member of human life protection movement, author of “Under the Mask. Exposing the Cultural Sexual Assault” (USA).
13. Denis Podorozhnyy, pastor, TV-preacher, founder of the “House on the Rock” ministry, Dr. h.c. of Theology of Latin Theology University, USA (Uzbekistan).
14. Johannes Rimer, preacher and missionary, professor of missiology of South African University, author of many books on counseling and sexual addictions (Germany).
15. Leo Frank, professor, Master of Theology, doctoral candidate (Germany).
16. Nataliya Shchur, psychotherapist, manager of the counseling department of “Youth with the Mission” ministry (Kiev, Ukraine).
17. Nina Rotkina, director of the ministry department Ellel Ministries in Russian-speaking countries (Kremenchug, Ukraine).
18. Olga and Vasiliy Zinyak, founders of All-Ukrainian line of help for pregnant women in crisis situation, coordinators of zaletela.in.ua web-site (Kiev, Ukraine).
19. Rostislav Murakh, bishop of All-Ukrainian Churches Union of Evangelical Faith Christians in Khmelnitska region, pastor of the “Christ’s Light” Church (Kamenets-Podolskiy, Ukraine).
20. Sergey Glushko, director of “Teen Challenge Ukraine” (Kiev, Ukraine).
21. Sergey Seletskiy, minister of “Life Source”, Master of Theology (Pastoral theology), Ph.D. candidate, AUF-COU doctoral candidate. Professor of Krivoy Rog Biblical Institute, Ukrainian Theological Seminary etc. (Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy, Ukraine).
22. Stanislav Gruntkovskiy, department head of family ministry at All-Ukrainian Churches Union of Evangelical Faith Christians, one of Pastors of Irpen Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists (Kiev, Ukraine).
23. Tatiyana Kanevskaya, consulting psychologist (Kiev, Ukraine).
24. Winn Cameron Tompson, professor, executive director of the “Restoration of Wholeness” ministry (USA).
25. Sharon U, consulting psychologist, missionary of International organization “Youth with a Mission” (South Korea).
26. Yuriy and Tatiyana Sokolovskiy, consultants in family matters of International organization “Youth with a Mission”, hosts of online-resource “Family Club” etc.
27. Svetlana Goncharova, motivational speaker, author of “FlyMama” project targeted to help mothers to put in order their lives with a baby in their hands; author of three books.

1. Counseling, 24 hours (3 days)
2. Biblical anthropology, 24 hours (3 days)
3. God’s design for family, 24 hours (3 days)
4. Emotional wholeness. 24 hours (3 days)
5. Addictions: roots, ground, types of co-addictions, 24 hours (3 days)
6. Spiritual world, 24 hours (3 days)
7. Truth about sex, sex and sexuality, 24 hours (3 days)
8. Homosexuality and  lesbianism, 24 hours (3 days)
9. Pregnancy and abortion, 24 hours (3 days)
10. Ministering victims of physical sexual abuse, ministering to sex-offenders, psychology of sex-offenders, pedophilia, 24 hours (3 days)
11. Sexual addiction, pornography, masturbation, 24 hours (3 days)
12. Methods of work with addicted people. Peculiarity of counseling via Internet-correspondence. Integration of consultant into the church environment. Ethical and spiritual issues of the ministry. 24 hours (3 days)


1. Students will receive available theoretical and powerful practical basis in psychology and counseling from acknowledged professionals.
2. Students will receive personal experience with professionals, their best methods, techniques and knowledge obtained via many years of their work with clients.
3. Students will master techniques and directions to be used in their ministry right away.
4. Students will exchange the experience of their work in the area of counseling and pastoral counseling.
5. Students will define the priority directions to successfully develop in.


Module 3. Addictions. Healing. Support groups
I’ve really enjoyed lessons and their practical implication. Openness and sincere personal stories of the teachers. And also a prayer part at the end of module.
This module was held on a high level. Everything was very inspiring: from the morning praise & worship to the last prayer. Special thanks for lunch with everybody.
It was a very capacious and varied program. Thanks to Natalia for theory and practical examples. I was very inspired by the lesson on walking in light and by the testimony of Sergey. A prayer for healing was an answer of God for my needs!

I was touched by lectures and processing, prayer-conversation with God at the end of module. Well composed text materials that are easy for study.

I was inspired by the example of life changed of Sergey Glushko, and his topic indwelt faith that it is possible to change. I was blessed by the attention and care of workers, ministers and participants of module.
Thanks to Nataliya for clear teaching of the topic, knowledge of the topic and correctness. Her lectures helped to get rid of guilt and shame that have their start in the childhood. Praise God for the relief!

I was inspired by the fact that the foundation of the counseling is the Word of God. Thanks for the atmosphere of safety, acceptance, and nonadministrative work during teaching. For the support groups, collective prayers and personal consultation.

Module 2. Biblical anthropology

This is the first school where sexual issues are being discussed. “The Daughter’s Heart” topic helped me to reconsider my value, to undergo healing of my wounds. I desire that there would be a team that would talk about this throughout Ukraine and many other countries.

Lessons of Alexander Marchenko and Jim Anderson became the final element of the chain in my personal healing that has to do with relationships with my father and God. I am really thankful for these sessions!

It was a special blessing to get a revelation that thought is being arose in soul, spirit, and not just a result of neuro-physical process. This opens up great opportunities! Because it means that the Word of God is well able to structure our personality and to produce God’s work in us. Praise God for everything that He has been changing in our thinking because of your ministry. The School team is wonderful. It’s hard to overvalue your work.

To be present at School is a great blessing for me. Two years ago my husband really wanted me to listen to the seminar on the heart of father and daughter. God answered me, and just now I realize how important it is… I was touched by everything, changed, healed and encouraged!

It is a great blessing to hear professional speakers, teachers who obtain knowledge and great experience and influence.

Module 1. Counseling

I’ve really enjoyed the subject, lecture content, detailed practical charts and plans.

I was blessed by the lecture of Tatiyana /Kanevskaya/ and Andrey /Dolganov/. I’ve found out a lot of interesting information; sexual sphere is not that closed and frightful to me like it used to be, because there are instruments to help people who suffered sexual abuse.

Good specialists, open and experienced! Exposition of topics really differs from the average.

Every minute of seminar lectures was inspiring. The topic of counseling is very valuable for me. Once again I’ve realized and was grounded that all my way of trials and sorrow had a purpose – to be able to help people like myself in the future and to bring them to Christ.

The School is very much needed and important. Thank you for doing this difficult and toilsome work of personality restoration.